UV Custom Engineering

JentonUV understands that it's all about getting the right UV at the right intensity to the UV adhesive, ink or coating that needs to be cured.  We have 40+ years experience of doing that, with appropriate use of reflectors, optics and movement. We make ovens, jigs, turntables, lightshields, workstations, optics so customers make great products.

UV Curing Drawer Type Work Station

UV Curing Drawer Type Work Station fitted with Excelitas UV LED

UV Curing Drawer Type Work Station fitted with Excelitas UV LED. Manually operated drawer with interlock for lamp start / stop. Drawer can be fitted with lock to ensure full exposure time and UV power levels, timing etc. all settable on HMI unit. Oven fitted with extraction plenum. Similar units can be supplied fitted with arc lamp or low pressure UV lamp systems.

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UV Benchtop Curing Conveyor

UV Curing Conveyors, customised and manufactured by Jenton UV, are robust, stainless steel, specifically designed for laboratory and development applications and continuous production line use.

UV conveyors are available as bench-top or free standing with widths typically from 200mm to 800mm. All systems are variable speed with digital speed output  readings and full interlocks to lamps and controllers. Lamps that can be fitted, range from Jenton UV ARC  lamps, to microwave powered UV lamps and UV  LED lamp systems. Jenton design and manufacture  all conveyors in house making customisation to suit  specialist lamps, possible.

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UV Curing Conveyor Rig with LEDs

Core mounted by hand and vertical door shut

Typical of many JentonUV custom solutions, this unit was designed for precise UV exposure to coatings on motor cores. Core mounted by hand and vertical door shut. Programme starts and rotates core at desired speed and moves UV LED (or other) UV head into appropriate position and distance from core. PLC system controls all speeds and timings and advises when programme finished. Lightshielding and fume extraction included.

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UV Curing Rotary Turntable

JentonUV specialise in UV curing for industrial applications. 

Typical of many systems our designs concentrate on generating exactly the right wavelength(s) of UVC from arc, low pressure or LED sources and then specifying optic/reflectors to direct that light precisely to the right place on engineered items for adhesive or coating curing. This can be via turntables, conveyors, robot arms or drawers. In all cases protection from UV is paramount and PLC controls ensure precision and consistency.

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