Jenton UV Curing Conveyors

Jenton UV has supplied a wide range of UV curing systems since the 1970s including: Arc, LED and microwave UV curing systems, custom engineering, conveyors, radiometers, control systems and adhesives

It’s all very well having a good UV lamp and some great UV material but one of the most important elements of the UV curing process is the optimised and consistent application of the UV to the products being cured. Jenton have made UV conveyors and ovens to address this issue for many years.

Our Products

Laboratory UV Conveyors

Most UV curing chemistry ie; UV adhesivesm UV Inks) is developed in a laboratory. It's essential to have a UV test system that represents 'real life' to accurately assess new developments. JentonUV UV conveyors use industrial prodution light sources in robust controllable and well shielded conveyors to allow developers confidence in their products. ARC and LED sources are all available.

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jenton benchtop uv conveyors

Benchtop UV Conveyors

JentonUV stainless steel benchtop UV conveyors have found their way into research and production environments in equal shares. (UV coatings and adhesives). Conveyors can accommodate a wide range of Arc, microwave or LED UV lamps,variable speed ranges and options including feeders, UV monitoring/feedback, floor stands, extraction systems, inerting etc. Trial units available.

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jenton benchtop uv conveyors

Production UV Conveyors

Jenton's machine building extertise enables design and manufactire of large scale UV curing conveyors for industrial and 3D applications including cowlings, spray systems, large assemblies, conformal coatings, motor production, wood treatment, concrete production filter production etc. applications. Just ask!

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jenton uv production uv conveyors

UV Custom Engineering

JentonUV understands that it’s all about getting the right UV at the right intensity to the UV adhesive, ink or coating that needs to be cured. We have 40+ years experience of doing that, with appropriate use of reflectors, optics and movement. We make ovens, jigs, turntables, lightshields, workstations and optics so customers make great products.

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UC conveyor custom engineering

Low Care to High Care UV Conveyors

UV Conveyors improve quality, freshness and shelf life of products. Used during the transfer of items from low care to high care. The conveyors provide dry, contactless and chemical-free inactivation of viruses, bacteria and moulds which are present on the treated items.

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low care to high care UV conveyors

UV Curing

Jenton are experts in industrial UV curing. We supply modular UV lamp systems, large or small, focused or spot, LED or conventional. We supply UV conveyors, ovens, lightshields, jigs, turntables and other custom solutions. We supply radiometers, sensors and UV curing adhesives. We've done this since the 1970s.

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jenton uv curing excellence in ultraviolet based engineering

UV Conveyor Applications

The two main application areas for UV conveyors are for laboratories and in production lines. Laboratory conveyors are often used by UV materials companies for testing and optimisation. Production line UV conveyors are similar but often larger, and applications vary from electronics manufacturing (such as UV conformal coatings) to wood coatings on pallets.

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About the Jenton Group

For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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