Laboratory UV Conveyors

Most UV curing chemistry (e.g. for UV adhesives and UV inks) is developed in a laboratory. It's essential to have a UV test system that represents 'real life' to accurately assess new developments. JentonUV UV conveyors use industrial production light sources in robust, controllable, and well shielded conveyors to allow developers confidence in their products. ARC and LED sources are all available. 

UV Benchtop Curing Conveyor

UV Curing Conveyors, customised and manufactured by Jenton UV, are robust, stainless steel, specifically designed for laboratory and development applications and continuous production line use.

UV conveyors are available as bench-top or free standing with widths typically from 200mm to 800mm. All systems are variable speed with digital speed output  readings and full interlocks to lamps and controllers. Lamps that can be fitted, range from Jenton UV ARC  lamps, to microwave powered UV lamps and UV  LED lamp systems. Jenton design and manufacture  all conveyors in house making customisation to suit  specialist lamps, possible.

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