UV Conveyor Applications

The two main application areas for UV conveyors are for laboratories and in production lines.

Laboratory UV Conveyors

UV benchtop laboratory conveyor dual lamp system

Laboratory conveyors are often used by UV materials companies for testing and optimisation of UV curing materials and are often required to simulate speeds and lamp positions of their customer’s process.

Jenton UV laboratory conveyors feature variable speed belts with accurate digital speed displays, possible integration of UV measurement (we can also supply radiometers) and variable height light shields – both for lamp and housing positions.

The lamp mounting plate at the top is easily changed and these can be specified to accommodate the UV curing lamps and LEDs in the Jenton range, but also easily custom made to accommodate lamp heads from other suppliers, or ones already owned by the laboratory.

Conveyors can be bench top (sometimes to fit into fume cupboards etc) or free standing on stands. Many UV systems require exhaust systems and Jenton can supply exhaust fans. Jenton UV conveyors feature mesh belts where exhaust is collected through the belt and this can provide a vacuum hold down feature for thin samples. All our UV conveyors are made from laboratory / food standard stainless steel.

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Production UV Conveyors

jenton uv production uv conveyors

Jenton production line UV conveyors are similar to laboratory UV conveyors, but often larger. Roller or belt transport methods are used and applications vary from electronics applications such as UV conformal coatings to wood coatings on pallets. Light shields can be specified with interlocked access doors and viewing windows.

Lamp performance along the bulb’s length (generally the system’s width) is considered so that consistent speed x consistent UV across the direction = even exposure of all parts to the UV. All framework and guarding is designed to the highest safety standards and generally construction is from stainless steel. Automatic product feeding and ‘catching’ can be provided. Exhaust systems can be integrated. All systems are PLC controlled via an HMI and interlocks provided as necessary in the production environment. UV monitoring is possible and radiometers can be provided.

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In addition to UV curing conveyors, UV ovens and custom engineering are available and Jenton, via its JenAct brand also supplies UVC disinfection and UVB vitamin enhancement conveyors. Details of these can be found at www.jenact.co.uk